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Viewrail becomes a generous partner for JoinTrees

8/22/2023 By: Mennonite Men and Viewrail

Viewrail becomes a generous partner for JoinTrees

​Viewrail's commitment to sustainability goes far deeper than a few strategic initiatives. It's the way they do business, and it's woven into the how and why of everything they do.

Everything was saved and reused on the farm where Viewrail's founder and CEO, Len Morris, grew up. From the old boards they would pull nails out of in order to repurpose the lumber, to the baby food jars they used to sort those nails, everything had potential beyond its initial use.

That same perspective reigns true in the way Viewrail runs their stair and railing manufacturing facilities today. Scrap wood is repurposed for stair parts whenever possible, and when it's not possible, that wood is reclaimed locally for animal bedding. Metal shavings are melted down and reused. Oil is recycled. So is glass. Even the machines and robotics used in the manufacturing process are reprogrammed when that process changes. As far as they can help it, nothing goes to waste at Viewrail.

This unwavering commitment to sustainability is at the heart of their decision to partner with the JoinTrees program. To date, Viewrail has already planted 144 trees around their campus in Goshen, Indiana, 78 of which are new plantings added this year. For Viewrail, the decision to partner with JoinTrees was easy. It aligned perfectly with their values, and gave them a concrete opportunity to put those values into action.

In addition to planting trees on their campus and working with domestic suppliers to reforest all lumber that they consume, Viewrail is contributing $25,000 for local JoinTrees projects and another $10,000-20,000 each year with JoinTrees afforestation and agroforestry projects in the global south.

True commitment to caring for our environment involves more than a few strategic opportunities—it requires a full re-orientation. Viewrail's sustainability efforts demonstrate what's possible for other companies looking to be good stewards of the planet, as long as they're willing to be creative and rethink the way they do business from the ground up.


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