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Mennonite Men to release guide for healthy conversation

7/29/2022 By: Mennonite Men

Mennonite Men to release guide for healthy conversation

Mennonite Men has released a new book with Herald Press, Living that Matters: Honest Conversations for Men of Faith

The book was written by Steve Thomas and Don Neufeld, Coordinators for Mennonite Men USA and Canada, respectively, as a guide for men. It can be used by individuals or groups, but is intended to lead conversation and reflection on 70 topics mapped into seven sections: male formation, human needs, personal challenges, sexual wholeness, social practices, conflict tools, and life roles. These short reflections pose over 300 questions for conversation to help take men to new levels of relating and reflecting.

Steve Thomas, US Coordinator for Mennonite Men and coauthor of the new book, has learned through working with men's groups that "men are looking for a good, practical guidebook to jump start discussions to deepen their relationships. Our new book is meant to meet this need. Its unique, user-friendly format with short, two-page spreads and discussion questions provide an easy way to hold meaningful conversations with one another about the stuff of life from an Anabaptist faith perspective."

After originally seeking to self-publish the book as Strong, Loving, and Wise this year, Mennonite Men instead invited collaboration with Herald Press which will publish the book under the new name. Said Thomas of the project's timeframe, "While we regret the delay, we are grateful that Herald Press will publish this and extend our reach with our practical handbook for men and groups." Look for samples from the book and more details in the coming months. 


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