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Two international church-building grants approved

6/23/2022 By: Mennonite Men

Two international church-building grants approved

At its March meeting the board of Mennonite Men approved two international grants for applicants to the JoinHands program, which assists new congregations aquire their first church building. The two grants were awarded to congregations in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Fundraising for the two projects, with a combined cost of $14,000, will begin this summer. Contributions of $10,000 will assist the congregation in Angola construct a roof for their unfinished building (pictured). This group currently meets inside their church walls under a temporary roof.  

$4,000 will complete the construction of a church building in Kinshasa DR Congo. Members of the congregation in Kinshasa continue to meet for worship in an airport hangar until they complete their building.

Mennonite Men continues to raise funds for the grant approved in 2021 for Hmong Mennonite Church in Westminster Colorado. Approved grants are awarded to congregational projects once the full amount has been raised. For more information on contributing to or applying for a JoinHands grant, visit


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