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Trees of Life: Hope for God's Earth

3/1/2023 By: Steve Thomas

Trees of Life: Hope for God's Earth

To promote creation care and climate action this spring, we invite your congregation to use these worship resources focusing on trees of life. This is part of our JoinTrees campaign to plant one million trees to help restore God's Earth.

The first and last chapters of the Bible feature the “tree of life” as a critical part in the community of God’s creation. While the Christian calendar does not have a special day to celebrate trees, the Jewish calendar does on Tu BiShvat or Tu B’Shevat, a holiday for ecological awareness and planting trees. 

The United States has Arbor Day on the last Friday in April each year. This time in spring is a good opportunity to celebrate and plant trees for creation care and climate action. Trees are the best, most cost-efficient natural climate solution. Trees not only sequester carbon, cool the planet, and slow climate change, but support biodiversity and provide an array of amazing other benefits.

Please forward this packet of four attachments to pastoral leaders and worship planners to consider for a future service. 

For assistance, please contact Steve Thomas at or 574-202-0048.


Worship Resource Guide for Trees of Life

JoinTrees Brochure

Article: A Forest of Faith by Aaron Kingsley

Article: God Save the Earth by Steve Thomas


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