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Seedling bouquets as creative Valentines gifts

2/7/2021 By: Chris Fretz and Gretchen Merryman-Lotze
Valentines Day tree-planting donation card

‚ÄčValentine's cards were handcrafted by youth from Ambler Mennonite Church using recycled materials. 

Each heart represents one seedling planted in the recipient's honor. Photo courtesy of  Gretchen Merryman-Lotze. 

Seedling bouquets as creative Valentines gifts

‚ÄčThis Valentine's Day, members of Ambler Mennonite Church in Ambler, Pennsylvania are surprising their loved ones with a "green" Valentine's Day Care Package. Inside, recipients will receive a "bouquet of trees," in which one dozen tree seedlings were donated for planting in their honor. The congregation is doing this as a way of supporting JoinTrees, Mennonite Men's campaign to plant one million trees by 2030. In total they'll give 46 bouquets, for a total of 552 trees.


"This bouquet of trees is truly life-giving!" said Gretchen Merryman-Lotze. "Trees have the remarkable ability to sequester carbon, moderate climate change, and cool the earth.  By supporting Mennonite Men's campaign to plant one million trees by 2030, we take confidence in knowing that our seedlings will be planted in locations where they can be watered and cared for in order to grow, thrive, and heal our planet."


This project was coordinated by the church's "Green Team" as an eco-friendly alternative to the more traditional bouquet of cut long-stem roses, which are often grown with harmful pesticides, shipped long distances, and require refrigeration throughout transit.  The idea developed after realizing that February 14 falls on a Sunday this year, providing the congregation with a unique opportunity to share their love for others and the planet.


If your congregation or group is interested in creative ways to support JoinTrees, please contact us at If you'd like more information about JoinTrees, you can visit