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Revival on new land

2/23/2024 By: Mennonite Men

Revival on new land

‚ÄčAfter years of waiting, seeking, and praying, members of the Grace Community Mennonite church in Cradock, South Africa are finally able to begin working and meeting on the land that will hold their first church building.

The congregation received a JoinHands grant from Mennonite Men in 2018 and has since struggled to find a suitable location for a building. With the recent purchase of a plot, they have now been clearing and preparing the land for building, which they hope to begin early this year.

In the meantime, the congregation has hosted a revival conference in late January with sister churches in the area. They raised a large tent and invited all those with musical instruments to join the worship and open air evangelism.

Pastor Lawrence Coetzee shared that the gathering "was well supported locally and we are looking forward to mobilise young people for the next event before the Easter holidays."

Mennonite Men would like to thank all those who generously contributed to the Grace Community Mennonite Church grant. Look for details about the next JoinHands grant in the coming weeks. 


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