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Our New Book "Peaceful at Heart"

8/11/2019 By: Don Neufeld, Steve Thomas

Our New Book "Peaceful at Heart"

Here's a book by men for men seeking healthy masculinity.

This book comes at a time when men and masculinity are in the spotlight. We see many men behaving badly on the news—abusing power, violating women, and mistreating others. But most men I know aren't like this. In my work as a pastor and with Mennonite Men, I see those seeking to be good men but wondering what that means as we wrestle with issues of gender identity, conventional masculinity, power and privilege, and expectations in the grind of daily living.

Along with many men, I have questions about masculinity. What kind of man am I? What do I wish for my sons as men? How do I want men to relate to my daughter? What does it mean to be a man? Who are we as males? Why isn't there more agreement on a description of masculinity? Aren't we just talking biology? How are men essentially different from women (if at all)? Where can we find healthy models of masculinity?

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