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Men's Retreat at Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp

3/29/2020 By: Jenelle Roynon

Men's Retreat at Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp

​Early March as the warm weather and longer daylight hours inched closer, men gathered at Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp for the annual Men’s Retreat hosted in part by Mountain States Mennonite Conference. This retreat was attended by 46 men and was filled with laughter, good singing, and much conversation. Saturday afternoon the tradition continued of competing in Human Curling (a RMMC original game which combines the thrill of bumper cars and the strategy of chess), showing off people’s competitive side and youthful energy. There was also a snowshoe hike around camp to see the “Elders”, the oldest and largest trees at camp.

Steve Thomas, US Director for Mennonite Men, facilitated the worship sessions during the weekend on “Celebrating God’s Love, Grace and Compassion in Our Everyday World.” He led participants in reflecting on their image of God and offered table discussion groups to explore questions and ideas together.
A few comments from the retreat evaluations are below.
“I appreciated Steve’s ability to connect with us.”
“Steve’s messages were insightful and left much to reflect inviting further research.”
“I appreciated that Steve did not tell us what our image of God should be, but facilitated our exploring what our image of God actually is.”
I appreciated interactions with other men, both informally and as part of the presentation by Steve.

--By Jenelle Roynon, program director for Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp.