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Houston congregation realizes its dream of owning a building

5/28/2024 By: Mennonite Men

Houston congregation realizes its dream of owning a building


In March, 2024, the board of Mennonite Men approved a $40,000 JoinHands grant for the Chin Emmanuel congregation in Houston, Texas. The congregation recently shared this background and note of thanks to JoinHands supporters.


"Chin Emmanuel Baptist Church was founded in February 12, 2012 in Houston, Texas by refugees from the Chin community in Myanmar, fleeing from ethnic and religious persecution.

Pastor Simon Tlumang brought together a small group, which soon grew into a flourishing congregation of more than 200 people.

In 2013, looking for a denominational home, Chin Emmanuel Baptist Church joined the Western District Conference and Mennonite Church USA because of theological and personal connections with the Mennonites. Chin Emmanuel Baptist Church has been a regular participant in the Texas MCC Sale, Western District Conference, and other denominational ministries since they found a Mennonite home.

After years working as a community to help refugees settle, establish roots in their new community, care for children growing up in a new culture, and find ways to fit into the American economy, in 2023 Chin Emmanuel Baptist Church decided it was rooted enough to purchase a church building together.

All the members and pastor Simon Tlumang appreciate Mennonite Men's help in making this dream of a church home a reality."

This young Houston congregation, like the Chin community in Omaha which recently recieved a JoinHands grant, was founded by refugees from the Chin community in Myanmar fleeing from ethnic and religious persecution, and has found a home in Mennonite Church USA. Flourishing with more than 200 people, this Chin congregation is helping refugee families adjust to life in a new land and foreign culture.

They found a former church building in need of renovation that will meet their needs for worship services and community ministry. We now need to raise funds to make this $40,000 grant. 


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