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Have I mattered? Can I still?

11/17/2019 By: Steve Thomas

Have I mattered? Can I still?

These questions drew men together in a retreat on generativity in later life.

This Mennonite Men gathering for men in the second half of life was held at The Hermitage retreat center in southern Michigan on November 1-2. John Kotre, Ph.D., author of Make It Count, Outliving the Self, and the PBS series Seasons of Life, led the retreat based on his work as Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Michigan—Dearborn. 

John observed that "There's a creativity that lies between the generations, touching everything from genes to values. We are not mere conduits to the future, blindly passing legacies through. We shape what comes to us, and we have an obligation to shape it well." This is the task of generativity— as mature adults to shape what we leave after us for the next generation. 

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