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Calgary Chin Christian Church celebrates 10 year anniversary with new building

3/24/2021 By: Chris Fretz

Calgary Chin Christian Church celebrates 10 year anniversary with new building

On Sunday, March 14, 2021, Calgary Chin Christian Church celebrated the grand opening of their new church building, as well as marking their 10 year anniversary as a congregation.

Because of the pandemic, the church held a celebratory worship service with a hybrid format, in which some members were present at the new building, while other members and special guests participated via Zoom.

The congregation, a Mennonite Church Alberta congregation, was able to purchase and renovate the building with assistance from a $40,000 grant from JoinHands, Mennonite Men's program to provide grants to help new congregations acquire their first church building.

Don Neufeld, Coordinator for Mennonite Men in Canada, shared at the event.

“My presence today is about connection. At a basic level it is about connecting our donors and their funds and the needs of your congregation,” said Neufeld. “But this is more than just about money. It is about connection in God’s family and in our joint ministry to see God’s will abound in our world.”

Neufeld expressed appreciation for the opportunity to work with church leadership to make a new church building possible for the congregation.

Calgary Chin Christian Church is made up of Chin people, a Southeast Asian ethnic group from Chin State, Myanmar (Burma).

The church began in June 2010 in the basement of one of the church members, with volunteers teaching songs and Bible verses to children. In January 2011, the congregation was founded, and then joined Mennonite Church Alberta in March 2013. After renting space from another church, with limited space and available time for their activities, church members are looking forward to growing their ministries, including Bible studies, women’s groups, and youth activities.

JoinHands, which began in 1985 as Tenth Man, has distributed over $2 million helping churches in the United States, Canada, and in other countries to build or purchase their first building. Learn more at

Photo courtesy of Calgary Chin Christian Church