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Application Instructions

Application Instructions

The grant application gathers necessary information for the Mennonite Men Board of Directors to make an informed decision about your request for help in funding your building project. Please follow the instructions carefully. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Printed information is expected. When additional space is needed, use a separate sheet. Send electronic copies of the application and additional information to the email address below.

Make sure to include:

  • Answers to all questions on the application
  • Two required signatures
  • Copies of appropriate resolutions
  • A current congregational mission statement
  • A copy of most recent church budget

A processing fee of $35 is required. Send a check made to Mennonite Men with JoinHands Grant in the memo line to:

Perry Krehbiel
Mennonite Men Board Treasurer
718 North Main Street
Newton KS 67114

Following the receipt of a completed application and processing fee, a member of the Mennonite Men Board of Directors or duly appointed representative may schedule a site visit. A report of the site visit will be added to the application packet.

The complete application packet is submitted for denomination (MC USA or MC Canada) and board for approval. Grants are finalized at the annual Spring board meeting.

Send the completed application or address questions to:

U.S. Applications - Steve Thomas at
Canadian Applications - Don Neufeld at 
May 2017

U.S. Mailing Address


Coordinator for USA

Phone: 866-866-2872 Ext.21339 (Toll Free)
Cell Phone: 574-202-0048

Coordinator for Canada

Cell Phone: 905-650-1577

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