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 Who We Are

Mennonite Men is the men's organization for Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA and counterpart to Mennonite Women. All men who participate in these churches are members of Mennonite Men.

With a rich history of service dating back to 1950, Mennonite Men has long been known for helping new churches acquire their first building through JoinHands. While continuing this program, today we are doing more men's work by providing retreats and resources through JoinMen.

 Staff Information

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 Our Mission

Our mission: Engaging men to grow, give and serve as followers of Jesus for advancing God's shalom in the world

Our aims:

  • Provide retreats and resources for Christian growth and healthy masculinity.

  • Facilitate the sharing of resources and buildings so new churches have the meeting spaces they need.

  • Do our part as an organization to engage in climate action to preserve God's shalom on the Earth.

  • Promote opportunities for service and justice in the world.

 Our Programs

​Mennonite Men has three programs:

  • JoinTrees, our campaign for climate action.
    This program provides trees to restore the earth.

  • JoinHands, our program for giving.
    This program provides grants for church buildings.

  • JoinMen, our program for engaging men.
    This program provides and promotes resources and retreats for men.

Together, these programs provide an integrated approach to Christian life—engaging men to grow, give and serve as followers of Jesus.