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Welcome to Mennonite Men.  We are the men's organization for Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA with a mission of Engaging men to grow, give, and serve as followers of Jesus.

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Woodcrst RetreatWoodcrst RetreatFather & Son Camp-Out2019-06-07T04:00:00Z6/9/2019 4:00:00 AMEphrata, PennsylvaniaJere Cassel
Casa AlternaCasa AlternaLove Crosses Borders: an immersion experience with immigrants2019-07-28T04:00:00Z8/3/2019 4:00:00 AMLaGrange, GeorgiaAnton Flores-Maisonet
Silver Lake Mennonite CampSilver Lake Mennonite CampMen's Meat Retreat2019-09-20T04:00:00Z9/22/2019 4:00:00 AMKitchner, OntarioChip Bender
Men & Boys RetreatMen & Boys RetreatMen & Boys Retreat2019-10-11T04:00:00Z10/13/2019 4:00:00 AMCamp Friedenswald


Love is the greatest of all virtues. But what does love look like in times of cynicism and polarization? Borders are not only social constructs, they're also spiritual ones. Who's included? Who's excluded? How do we reconcile God's call to welcome the stranger with so much fear-filled rhetoric and policies?

July 28 to August 3, Mennonite Men will journey to Georgia and connect with Casa Alterna, a hospitality house devoted to faithful acts of mercy and justice alongside it first-wave immigrant neighbors, mostly from Guatemala. What can unwelcomed immigrants teach the Church about love? How can the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement inform and inspire us to a love that crosses borders?

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A Time of Reckoning for Men and Masculinity

 In recent months there has been unprecedented exposure of sexually predatorial men in high places, as well as unprecedented violence perpetrated by solitary men with little or no regard for human life. Whether acting out of a sense of entitlement to use women, children, or other men as objects for self-gratification and demonstration of power, or raging at humanity out of what author Michael Kimmel calls "aggrieved entitlement," an identifiable group of men has triggered a reckoning for all men. 

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New Mennonite Men book coming in 2019 -- Peaceful at Heart: Embracing Healthy Masculinity


This is a book by men writing to men. It will promote an Anabaptist Christian perspective on masculinity that is more peaceful, just, caring, and life-giving for men and sensitive to women and children than many dominant images of masculinity and the hyper-masculine images promoted by contemporary popular culture and wider evangelical Christianity.


While much has been written describing the characteristics of masculinity and the impacts of patriarchy, this volume will move the dialogue in the direction of building a vision of discipleship, community and peace as an alternative for men's lives. Rather than supporting patriarchy and nationalism commonly advanced in traditional Christian thought, this volume drawing on an Anabaptist perspective of faith will invite men to experience God's call to live at peace and be peacemakers.


The book will be published by the Institute of Mennonite Studies (IMS) and Wipf and Stock.


See the outline of the book and its authors here.